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Palmer Park Friday, July 5 cleanup date set

03 Jul 2019 1:51 PM | Stewart Shevin (Administrator)

Friday fun….

Good news. I inspected the wall caps yesterday and they are in surprisingly good shape. 

- Wall caps. We will need to caulk (I have) some seams on the north courts, and apply some Drylok sealer (I have) for good measure.

- Walls. I picked up a gallon of the current wall paint to touch up some areas near the floors. They will need to be scrubbed first. 

- We will be raising the height of the fence on the north courts by 3 feet on Friday. Bob and I will coordinate whether he has the material or it will be a purchase. It will only take 20 minutes to install. Once the south court fence is installed, we will repurpose the 7’ T posts as a second tier of fence on the north side.

To bring on Friday if you have it on hand: putty knifes & scrubbing brushes to prep / clean walls, paint brushes (2” or greater), 9” roller, buckets to hold cleaning water, rags, etc. 

I will bring a few thick nap roller covers. I have a 6’ ladder, but if someone else has one, that would be great. If anyone has a post hold digger, let me know.

We brought a 20’ extension ladder and two 10 gallon containers of water to the courts yesterday. They are being stored in the building next to the tennis courts.

Rain is predicted on Friday afternoon. If so, we will reschedule.....



  • 06 Jul 2019 12:14 PM | Stewart Shevin (Administrator)
    As it turned out, only four of us showed on Friday. Considering the heat, we had no choice but to abandon much of the work we had planned and instead played two games of doubles before we crapped out from heat exhaustion. We'll reschedule the maintenance....
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