1972 Hands vs Racquet 
Paul Haber vs Bud Muelheisen

This version of the historic match is played back at 3/4 speed

to help the viewer follow play better.

2005 1 - Wall Nationals Finals MOS 
Satish Jagnandan v Pee Wee Castro

This match includes commentary by the always colorful Joe Durso,

famed one-wall champ and spectacle of the Coney Island courts. Joe actually does a nice job

of explaining the nuances of the one wall game in this clip.

If you are unfamiliar with one wall, this match demonstrates it at its best. 

                         2010  1 - Wall Money Game
Joe Durso vs. David Chapman

Speaking of Joe Durso, this clip shows a perfect example (at 17 minutes in) of his typical antics

at the Coney Island courts. Joe often exploded when he was behind, stategically hoping to

get into the head of his opponent. Concurrently, watch the understated response of Chapman

- controlling the cadence of the game, which contributed to his legacy as a four-wall champion.

Brady vs. Shanks

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