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21 Nov 2019 2:14 PM | Stewart Shevin (Administrator)

From the MDNR (Mi. Dept. of Natural Resources, Shepards of Belle Isle) - 

"Due to the unexpected change in weather to winter-like conditions over the past two weeks, and with similar conditions forecasted over the next two weeks, the contractor proposes to wait until spring to being work.  They would be are able to perform the demolition at any time of year, but it will need to be above freezing for the masonry work, joint sealing and painting.  Our concern if we remove the roof now, is the remaining structure will be exposed through the winter.  

The contractor  proposes to perform the demolition work in late-winter once the forecast begins to look favorable to completing the full scope during the same mobilization."

Thank you,

Amanda Treadwell, MDNR


  • 21 Nov 2019 2:42 PM | Stewart Shevin (Administrator)
    As you can see by the post, the intention of the state is to demolish the roof, leaving the courts without ceilings. To reiterate, the state's engineer has condemned the existing ceiling structure in 2018. Currently there are no state funds available to build a new ceiling (estimate of fabricated steel ceiling the state received was $350k). Should you want to be part of a solution-based consortium to raise funds and collaborate with the MDNR to improve the courts, contact the MHA.
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