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Total Sports 40501 Production Drive, Harrison Township 48045


State 4 Wall Singles - start times  

Last First Div Start time
Balch Bob 60s 11 am
Costanzo Duane 60s 11 am
Costello Dan 60s 11 am
Green Ed 60s 11 am
Ivy Joe 60s 11 am
LaFluer Jim 60s 11 am
Lowe Jim 60s 11 am
McIntyre Angus 60s 11 am
Straetmans Bobby 60s 11 am
Dodds Dave 70s 10:30 am
Doyle Charlie 70s 10:30 am
Howe Mike 70s 10:30 am
Kozak Bob 70s 10:30 am
Myers Tom 70s 10:30 am
Brown Pete Open 12 PM
Dembeck Pete Open 12 PM
Inman Ryan Open 12 PM
Kader Adaham Open 12 PM
Kader Ramzy Open 12 PM
Kader Rick Open 12 PM
Leonard Rick Open 12 PM
Myers Pat Open 12 PM
Sidebottom Billy Open 12 PM
Grammatico Ted Open/50s 11:30 am
Langendefer Tad Open/50s 11:30 am
Monsour Chris Open/50s 11:30 am
Sickmiller Craig Open/50s 11:30 am
Thompson Tim Open/50s 11:30 am
Bagby Andrew Open/A 12 PM
Girgenti Tony Open/A 12 PM
Green Joe Open/A 12 PM
Hall Ben Open/A 12 PM
Lowe Nick Open/A 12 PM
Sickmiller Tyler Open/A 12 PM
Stachurski Nick Open/A 12 PM

State of Michigan Belle Isle Handball Court Renovation Project

Please see the letter below on the upcoming court renovation
3-31-17 - Update:

Belle Isle ConstUpdate_3-31-2017.pdf

Racquetball Dates 2017:

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